Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meet Book Country

Since we have a lot of writers following our DSD posts, I am delighted to feature a guest post today about Book Country. I admit I had heard about Book Country, but didn't know much more than it waas a website some of the big publishers had put together. So, I'm thrilled that Dana Kaye is here today to share with everyone a little more insight about Book Country.

And on a personal note - Happy Father's Day to all! (And Happy Father's Day Dad - I miss you!)

And now - without further ado - Dana Kaye and everything you wanted to know about Book Country!

Writing is a solitary practice, but revision requires feedback. Most aspiring authors send their manuscript to friends and family, others meet with a critique group, and some enroll in an MFA program.

In April, Penguin Group (USA) launched Book Country, a website dedicated to genre fiction readers and writers. Focused on romance, fantasy, science fiction, mystery and thriller, Book Country helps new authors hone their craft as part of a genre fiction community.

Users upload their novels (or a portion of their novels) for peer review. Book Country’s unique genre map helps writers categorize their novels, and lets readers find books similar to ones they love, which they then read and provide detailed critiques. Book Country brings the peer feedback and community feel of a critique group, online.

Another key feature is discoverability. If you’re working on a novel, publishing professionals won’t see it until you begin sending out query letters. Book Country gives agents and editors a place to discover new talent; for this reason, many publishing professionals have already signed up. Book Country also allows avid readers and bloggers to discover budding talent and use their reading experience to offer helpful feedback.

As the world continues to shift online, Book Country creates a community that was once only available in metropolitan areas. Now, genre fiction authors all over the world can come together online to exchange feedback, engage in discussions, and have their work discovered.

Join us at and follow us on Twitter @Book_Country

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