Monday, June 20, 2011

Beach House Noir

By Steve Weddle

Now is the day the crows come home to roost. Or the roosters come home to crow. Or maybe they're black skimmers.

The Noir at Beach House deadline is today. Below are the links for folks who have let me know what's what. You still have time to post a link to your story in the comments -- or email me. Or tie it to the foot of a carrier rooster and send along.

"Insanely entertaining." That's what Josh Bazell said about FUN AND GAMES from Duane Swierczynski. Might as well say the same thing about all the fantastic entries for the DSD challenge. Check these out ->

Peter Rozovsky

Benoit Lelievre

Charlie Wade

Evil Ray

David James Keaton

Al Tucher

Eric Beetner

Thomas Pluck

Gerald So

Keith Karabin

Stephen D. Rogers

Katherine Tomlinson

Kieran Shea

Don Lafferty

Fiona McDroll Johnson

If I missed someone, post in the comments and I'll update. If you're coming in late, post in the comments today and you'll still be entered to win FUN AND GAMES from Duane Swierczynski. I'll pick a name late Monday (today?) afternoon.

FUN AND GAMES is the first of three Charlie Hardie thrillers from Duane Swierczynski (Mulholland Books).
Charlie is an ex- sort-of cop with the requisite wounded psyche, avoiding his past by running around the country house-sitting, drinking, and watching olde tyme movies.

His shot at redemption comes in the Hollywood Hills, trying to save a movie star from sure death. Much like that poor young man in CLERKS who wasn't even supposed to be here today, Charlie was supposed to be drunk in someone else's house, watching old Robert Mitchum movies.

What really works well in this book is that as the action moves forward -- explosions, poisonings, car chases -- the story moves backwards, bringing depth and explanation via character backstory.

Who are these Accident People trying to kill movie star Lane Madden? And why?
And why did Charlie Hardie run away and hide from his life, leaving his wife and kid far away?
And what's in that damned bag he can't live without?

As the story moves along from one chase scene to another, the story of Lane Madden's Secret is revealed a little more. As Lane Madden's backstory is revealed, so is Charlie Hardie's.

This book moves. Not just in the normal thriller way, not just racing from one explosion to the next. These explosions are more like dynamite thrown at that mountain where that dude was making the Crazy Horse monument. The more explosions, the more is revealed. And once that thing is revealed, you know, it's pretty freaking cool.

FUN AND GAMES is available this month. The second in the three-parter is set to hit shelves in October.

You'll dig this book.

One lucky person in our Noir at the Beach House contest will get a copy of the book. Will let you know shortly.

Thanks for playing.


Dana King said...

My work schedule has been such I was unable to participate in this event. Things have settled down a little, and I'm looking forward to pouring myself a cold beverage and reading them all.

Sabrina E. Ogden said...

Looks like you've gotten quite the little collection of beach house noir. This will be my afternoon read. Thanks, Steve.

Fiona Johnson said...

Here's my little contribution called THE TRIP life as we all know doesn't always go well!

Don Lafferty said...

Not exactly flashy, but not 5000 words either.

Steve Weddle said...

Congrats to THOMAS PLUCK -- chosen by Random.Org to receive a copy of FUN AND GAMES.

Thanks to all.

Looking forwarding to reading all the stories throughout the week.

Thomas Pluck said...

Thank you! Can't wait to read about the Accident People, Duane!

Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Thanks, Steve, for hosting this fun Beach House Noir challenge. I'm late to the party as the sun is setting at the beautiful beaches on Long Island, but here's a link to "Wanderlust," just shy of 630 words, posted at "From Cop to Mom & the Words in Between."

Congrats to Thomas on winning "Fun & Games."

Don Lafferty said...

Nicely done, Pluck.

david james keaton said...

For the win! all right, time to head over to read the Pluck story in the winner's circle. i have to admit he had my favorite title of the bunch..

Thomas Pluck said...
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