Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Voting Season

By Jay Stringer

I have a quick call out to DSD readers. If you've listened to our podcast episode on crime comics, or if you follow some of the other podcasts I've plugged in the past, then you'll be familiar with the voice of Paul Montgomery. In addition to podcasting, he's a staff writer over at Ifanboy, and is a mighty fine fiction writer who I may talk into sending us some prose someday.

Just this past weekend he had me on his main podcast, Fuzzy Typewriter, to talk about the new season of Doctor Who, and he's been very generous in the time he gave to our crime show, and to the numerous mentions he's given DSD in his shows and on twitter.

Why am I waffling on, you may ask, and why do I smell of fish?

Well the fish thing is a mystery even to me. But as for the waffling, I think we could help Paul out and it'd be a nice way to extend this DSD community of ours.

Neil Gaiman has set up a contest for the upcoming audiobook of AMERICAN GODS. The winner of the contest gets a speaking part in the new production. The contestants have submitted an audio file of themselves reading from the book, and the winner will be chosen by Gaiman from the top 20 entries.

You need to register before voting, but I've done it myself and it only takes a few seconds. You can then vote once, or vote every day. Any and all would be appreciated.

Paul's entry is here, and you can vote here.


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