Friday, March 25, 2011

Russel D. McLean and Jay Stringer Get Lost

Looking for Russel today? Well, you've found him. He and Jay Stringer chat about -- among other things -- Russel's fantastic THE LOST SISTER, now available stateside.

Listen to the chat here in the warm tones of an m4a file. Enjoyz

UPDATE: MP3 file here.

Buy the book here or here or here.

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Russel said...

Also, if you've been wondering what's happened to me lately, I've been on a virtual tour:

Central Crime Zone:

Big Beat From Badsville:

Terrible Minds:

Herman's Greasy Spoon:

Crime Always Pays:

Secret Dead Blog:

LA Noir:

Vince Keenan:

Steve Hockensmith:


Charlie Williams:

I have three more days to go. I should be able to make it...