Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Doings

So, thanks to the kind people at Needle Magazine--coughandweddlecough--I'm going to be putting almost all the old Jackson Donne stories up for the Kindle. Here's the link to check out the official announcement.

The intro was written by one of my favorite writers, Mr. Ray Banks. And Weddle got on me to write an afterword for the anthology. Here's a taste:

“Closure” is when it all clicked.

I didn’t realize it then—probably didn’t even realize it completely until I started looking over the stories for this collection. But that’s where it all started to come together for both Jackson Donne as a character and me as a writer.

What’s funny is, the story almost didn’t see the light of day. I wrote it for myself, just as a way to deal with 9/11. Like most, I had a lot rolling around in my head and I just needed to get it out. It sat on my hard drive for probably three months, before I finally showed it to someone, and finally sent it to an editor.

Before that story, Donne was just another PI. Vaguely self-destructive, but beyond that not too much to him. A regular old tough guy. But after Donne sees what another person who lost of loved one went through, he starts to change. Wake up.

I realized that the stories needed to be more about Donne, the character. They couldn’t be about Donne solving the case. They had to be about how the case affected him. “Get Miles Away” had to do with Donne trying to date again. Simple, but not really.

The anthology should be released next week. So for Valentine's Day... fall in love with Mr. Donne all over again.

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Scott D. Parker said...

Having never read any of the Jackson Donne stories, I'm looking forward to this new collection.