Friday, November 5, 2010

Workspace Week: The Missing Post

Okay, those of you who keep a close eye on the blog will know that not only did I miss last week's post (it was a very busy week at the day job, plus I then wound up watching the rather excellent BURIED and finishing the evening at a pub on Thursday night) but because I was off touring, I also missed Workspace week.

So here we are.

How do I work?

Well, that's a whole question in there, but let's look at my workspace.

Starting with wide angle shot, you can see I've cornered off part of my flat to work in. The PC is set up there with my printer and so forth ready for action. You'll notice that desk is untidy. That is part if my thing. I am a naturally chaotic person. One of my former bosses compared me to "Pigpen" from Peanuts. He wasn't far wrong. I don't have a tidy mind, and I find it hard to keep a tidy desk. You'll see DVD covers from things that I watch in between writing bursts, books that I've been using for whatever reason, bits of paper I need to refer to... all kinds of chaos.

But what's that on the wall?

Its a brilliant print by some Spanish artist (iirc, my mum and dad brought it back from holidays once) called Bellver. It is awesome, and I think I can see something of Chandler in the poor guy being smacked by the gun.

And yes, that is my Shamus nomination there, too.

Lots and lots of book covers and promo stuff on the wall, too. Why? For the most part, its books and people I love and serves as inspiration. The notice board has a lot of crap on it, too. Including my business card files and all sorts.

Most weekends and evenings you'll find me in this corner, typing away like a bastard. Other times I might be on a netbook while on a train or in a hotel room. I have a corner of Mum and Dad's place I work when I'm there, too. Essentially I'll work anywhere, but when it comes to proper final revisions, this is the corner where you'll find me.

My writing ritual tends to be a lot of banging at the keyboard. Some standing up and walking around. Some more sitting and bashing. Some swearing. And then taking a break to watch some DVDs. Usually on that lovely screen so I don't have to leave the room and can pause and return to work if inspiration should suddenly strike.

And, yes, mum, I do occasionally tidy up there... but only when I know you're coming to visit...


Charlieopera said...

What are the odds, amici, Russel took those pictures in the wrong flat?

His immediate neighbor's flat: 1:1

His parent's place: 2:1

Some McDonald's (any McDonald's): 3:1

The captain's quarters on the Staten Island Ferry (the clear favorite): 2:5

It is, in fact, where he actually lives (the obvious longshot): 10:1

No teasers or parlay bets, please ...

Stephen Blackmoore said...

And still, there's the jacket.

Well, at least we know you take it off. Or it takes you off.

man, one of these days I'm going to see you without that thing and not recognize you.

Russel said...

The odds are, Charlie, that it is my own flat. I didn't ask a New York Cop for directions, therefore I was in the right place.

And, Stephen, most people will tell you that jacket is unusual for me. Most of the time I do a Johnny Cash impression, what with being the man in black. But yes, I do have a thing for wearing a jacket. Although in all honesty, the temperatures during my tour were usually mild enough that I survived (I'm part Scotsman, part lizard).