Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Reversal by Michael Connelly

I'm a huge Connelly fan. Ever since ANGEL'S FLIGHT, Connelly's had me hooked. (Probably before, but that's the one I really remember.)

THE REVERSAL is his newest novel, teaming defense attorney Mickey Haller up with his half-brother Harry Bosch. You see, this time around, Haller is a member of the prosecution. It's a nice touch, adding a bit of tension to the crime proceedings and giving the reader a look at a criminal trial through both lenses from one character.

In Connelly's previous novel, 9 DRAGONS, the author really pushed the pedal to the metal. Harry Bosch is stuck in a thriller, with great pacing, and moments of insurmountable tension.

What makes THE REVERSAL interesting is Connelly takes his foot off the gas, but the results are no less compelling. Even through the slow first 100 pages, the reader really gets a sense of the characters and what they're up against.

The highlight, of course, is seeing Bosch and Haller--former rivals--work together. And the last 50 pages, Connelly finally hits the groove and pushes the pace back to breakneck.

If you haven't read Connelly before, you might feel you're missing something while reading THE REVERSAL, but if you're a fan this is a must-read.


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