Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DSD Book Club

by John McFetridge

Someone here at DSD had the idea to set up a site where we could have ongoing discussion about books and authors, rather than move to a new topic each day (if you think it’s a great idea it was me, if you think it’s a stupid idea it was Weddle).

And a few clicks later, the Do Some Damage GoodReads Group was born. Please have a look and consider joining. And we'll draw a name from the list of members next Wednesday to receive a FREE copy of the DSD airport terror collection, TERMINAL DAMAGE, available as a multi-format ebook at Amazon and Smashwords. So sign up for the club and you're automatically entered into the drawing for the FREE ebook.

I’ve never been in a book club, but I like the idea.

When my first novel came out I was spending a lot of time in the schoolyard dropping off and picking up my kids and talking to the other parents. I wasn’t the only dad, but it was mostly moms, and when the book came out some of them were in a book club and decided to read and discuss Dirty Sweet and asked me if I’d attend. Now, if you’ve read the book you know that one of the main characters is a guy who runs an internet porn company so as you’ve probably already guessed, a half a dozen nice women and I sat around all evening talking internet porn. Also, as you’ve probably guessed, I was the one who knew the least about it.

So, let’s see what happens with this book club. Right now we’re talking about starting with Pike by Benjamin Whitmer.

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Charlieopera said...

John, I tried joining the thing but was rejected and I can't figure out what the deal is with the password (rest of the bullshit that makes my head explode) ... it's early brother, gym time, so bear with me.

The book your discussing is my best of 2010 thus far (includng Franzen's Freedom and any and everything else I've read this year). I don't want to say in the Cormac McCarthy tradition (although it is definitely as dark as anything McCarthy wrote), because I prefer Whitmer’s writing to McCarthy thus far. It was the writing that struck me most in Pike; it is excellent. I went through it 3 x’s in less than 10 days (forcing myself to take a few days break between the second and third time I read it). I was as much impressed after a third reading as I was the first time. If there’s a book from the crime writing community that deserves a shot at some literary acknowledgment, Pike is it (for me). This guy (Whitmer) is a terrific writer.