Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hey! Get outta my workspace

By Dave White

Sorry. Not a fancy guy here. No desks, no posters, no bookshevles. Just a laptop and a couch.

I used to write in an office in the corner of my parents' basement. I used an old IBM Aptiva that had been in the family since 1995. I graduated to writing on a DELL in the same corner.

Then I moved out and got myself a nice Dell Inspiron, and my own room. I set up a desk in that room, against a wall, my back to the TV and the rest of the room. Since then I've bounced all over the place. often, though, I've found myself writing on couches.

Now that I've moved in with my wife, I usually write like this:

Sometimes, if I feel like sitting up, I'll rest the laptop here:

I don't really have many options right now. I need to write in house--at least when I'm drafting--because I need the wifi. Beyond that, I write where I can. Would I rather have an office with bookshelves behind me or cool photos surrounding me? Absolutely.

But that's not an option right now.

So I do what I can. I think this is why I'm so caught up in "writing everyday" and worrying about getting words on the computer. Because if I get wrapped into the whole "mystique" of writing, I'll never get anything done. I don't have an area that I can go to find the muse.

I have a couch.

I have some music I can put on.

When I'm revising, and I know what I'm going to do next, I usually go to a coffee shop. One that makes you pay for the internet. Because I can't have the distraction.

But either way, where I write is not as important. What is important to me, is actually writing.

And I can do my best to get that done anywhere.


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I always wrote at a desk in the den of my house. First with a typewriter. Then with a desktop.

Since I purchased a laptop, I sometimes write at the kitchen table or...on the couch.

Glad to know that to other folks the place doesn't matter so much as getting the writing done.

I find that when I'm creating the initial outline or plot for a book, I still need to write longhand.