Saturday, December 26, 2009

Do Some Damage At Christmas, podcast show notes.

Hey folks!

Just a quick break from the secret santa schedule before Scott's goes up.

This is our first podcast. Well, sort of. It's the first you'll get to hear but, true to it being recorded by two writers, it's not the first attempt at recording one. You'll still hear it's a bit rough around the edges, but we're proud of it. If you've not listened yet, click on the link to the right.

Here's the books we talked about this week;

-Parker: The Hunter. Darwyn Cooke's adaptation of the Richard Stark classic.

-Gun Monkeys. Victor Gischler

-Big City, Bad Blood. Sean Chercover

-Caught Stealing. Charlie Huston

-The Lost Sister. Russel D McLean

-Let It Ride. John McFetridge

-When One Man Dies. Dave White

-Grinder. Mike Knowles

-Yellow Medicine. Anthony Neil Smith

-The Devil's Staircase. Helen Fitzgerald.

-Gutted. Tony Black.

-The Last Place. Laura Lipman.

-Judas Kiss. J.T.Ellison.

-Beast Of Burden. Ray Banks.

-Slammer. Allan Guthrie.

We'll be back at work at future podcasts soon, playing around with the formula, smoothing out the gremlins, bringing in the other guys. If there's anything you want to hear, let us know.

We hope you all had a great christmas, and look forward to writing for you in the new year!


Bernadette said...

If the podcast is going to be a regular feature (hope so) will it have a separate RSS feed so it can be subscribed to via my normal podcast client? I rarely listen to stuff while at my computer so always take my audio on the go with my and the current format makes that awkward (not impossible but not easy).

Jay Stringer said...

Hi Bernadette, thanks for giving it a listen.

Once we have this whole podcasting malarky figured out, i will have a proper feed and be on itunes.