Thursday, July 4, 2024

Dive into August Snow


This week, Beau Johnson recommends AUGUST SNOW, from Stephen Mack Jones.

“Man, if you haven’t read Stephen Mack Jones’ Detroit crime novels about an ex-cop named August Snow, you ought to.”
—Mike Lupica, The New York Daily News

—Nancy Pearl for KUOW Seattle

“Stephen Mack Jones's rock-solid debut,
 August Snow, is powered by the outgoing personality of the title hero and his deep affections for his hometown of Detroit. This author proves himself a natural entertainer.”
Chicago Tribune

“Jones, a Detroit-area poet and playwright brings the city, its environs, and its eateries to vital life in a mystery coiled around the contemporary crime du jour of cyber-finance meddling. His is that rare tale that, despite its thriller-level violence, maintains a fiercely warm heart at its core—and ends far too quickly.”
—The Boston Globe

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