Saturday, June 1, 2024

Start Your Summer Writing Project Today


Scott D. Parker

Have you started yet? 

Remember how excited you were on New Year’s Day? You had high hopes about the year, and all the things you were going to do, you know, like write a book (or finish one). How’d that go?

If it went well, congrats. I finished my WIP earlier this year and took a break. I wanted to catch up on some reading and prepare for my next project. Which begins today.

I’ve written about this for a few years now: Summer is a great time to start and complete a project. You have the bookends of Memorial Day and Labor Day. As of today, you have 92 days until Labor Day weekend, 65 if you only want to work on weekdays. That’s 13 weeks. More than enough time to make some substantial headway on a new book—or finish it.

Call it National Novel Writing Season, NaNoWriSe. 

Call it a productive summer. 

Call it whatever you want, but have fun doing it. 

And start today.

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