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A Maverick Pathologist (Mostly) Seeks the Truth: Harrow Season 1

Scott D. Parker

I actually laughed when I watched the first fifteen minutes of the pilot episode of the Australian TV show, Harrow, that ran for three seasons from 2018 to 2021. I then chuckled at the last minute as well.

Why? Because the script did exactly what a pilot is supposed to do: Introduce you to the character(s) and then hook you good enough to watch the next episode. Done and done.

The Characters

Daniel Harrow (Ioan Gruffudd) is a forensic pathologist based in Queensland. He is a maverick in the department, brilliant of course, lives on a boat, and always rankling the higher-ups and his more uptight peers. He always wants to know the ‘why’ of a case and doesn’t always go for the simple answer that would clear the case from the books in an efficient manner. He is divorced but still keeps in contact with his ex and his teenaged daughter is, well, homeless and a wanderer. 

Harrow is often teamed with police officer Soroya Dass (Mirrah Foulkes) and they work well together. Naturally sparks begin to fly as they do in TV shows (and real life). Remy Hii plays Simon, the young protege of Harrow and Damien Garvey plays the gruff, older detective who is a bulldog on his cases.

The Setting

While this might all sound like typical police procedural TV show stuff—and it is—what makes it cool is the setting and the larger story arc of Season 1. Australian shows don’t always make it to America and, as a fan of British TV shows, it’s great to see something different. And I never tire of the accents. 

The Season-Long Story Arc

The folks who created Harrow have taken their cue from The X-Files and other successful programs and created the nice blend of murder-of-the-week and a larger, bigger story. 

Remember that hook I mentioned at the end of episode 1? Well, it serves as the entry point to the entire season. It set up ten episodes of “how will that affect things?” and “Oh crap, that’s not good” and other moments that keep you engaged and interested. 

Man, I really want to say more, but to do so would put this in spoiler territory. And I’d like you to watch the first episode (on the CW streaming app; yeah, they have one and don’t ask my how or why Harrow is there) and experience it for yourself.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the first season, all the way up to its cliffhanger ending. You see? Good creators always know how to set the hook and reel you in.

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