Monday, September 12, 2022

Dead or Alive? The Walking Dead Edition

The end of The Walking Dead is near, and I have questions.

Hello, Heath?

Heath, played by Corey Hawkins, was last seen on season seven, episode six of the series. He and Tara are on a supply run when he is taken by the Scavengers. As far as we know, he is still alive. It has been confirmed that Heath was taken by Jadis and her Scavengers and traded to the CRM, or the Civic Republic Military. The Scavengers had been trading people for supplies with the CRM to keep their community safe and fed. Jadis, the leader of The Scavengers also traded our hero, Rick Grimes. Did the two meet a similar fate? Was Heath considered an A or a B? Either way, I need to know what happened to him.

Looking for Luke.

Luke, played by Dan Fogler, appeared on the scene in Season 9 with friends Yumiko, Magna, Connie and Kelly. He became an integral and comforting member of the team. They even gave him a bit of romance. Luke was essential in episode 16, “A Certain Doom,” formulating an attack plan to help destroy the army of walkers Alpha had accumulated in Season 10. In the end, he joins up with survivors to congratulate each other on the win, hugging Jules and heading towards Oceanside. He wasn’t seen at all in Season 11. However, in the final shot of Oceanside we see the community held hostage by bad guy Hornsby, their fate given to the flip of a coin.

Speaking of Oceanside, where is Sydney?

We are introduced to the community of Oceanside in Season 7. The former vacation and camping spot in Virginia has become a small fishing enclave, inhabited mainly by women. They came out on the wrong side of a disagreement with Negan’s former group, The Saviors. In response, every male inhabitant over the age of 10 was slaughtered. This group was fragile, looking for leadership and a way forward. Sydney was seen as a strong and capable leader, particularly after she mutinied against her grandmother and brought the community into the fold with Alexandria, Hill Top, and The Kingdom. We last saw Sydney in episode eight, season 10.

Who the hell was Georgie?

Georgie first shows up in Season 8, with an entourage and
everything. Eventually she assists the starving Hilltop with food and a book filled with detailed plans on starting and sustaining a community, including designs for windmills and aqueducts, all in exchange for a crate of records. Through letters, we see that she kept in contact with Maggie throughout Season 9 and eventually recruited Maggie to help sustain a community and recruit new people. Eventually, Georgie travels west to find more places to trade with, while Maggie’s village collapses. Maggie has no idea what happened to Georgie.

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