Sunday, May 22, 2022

Visit Your Local Library

By Claire Booth

Yesterday I got to participate in a Volunteer Appreciation Tea at a local library branch. The event was to thank a group of people who remained dedicated to the library even through the pandemic—masking and gloving up to come inside the building and put returned books in quarantine, bag novels for curbside delivery, and always, always stay six feet apart. 

So I was delighted to come say thank you in person. I was there with fellow author Cindy Fazzi, whose historical fiction novel plucks a Filipino woman named Isabel Rosario Cooper from obscurity and tells the true story of her affair with General Douglas MacArthur. It was a great pairing; we got to contrast historical and contemporary fiction and compare our writing experiences. And we got to talk about all different genres with other people who love books and drink out of fancy china tea cups, so it really was the perfect afternoon.

If you’re an author, one of the best things you can do is reach out to your local libraries. They’re great resources for research, can connect you with other local authors, tell you about community events and give you the means to keep your addiction to reading going strong by cheerfully renewing your library card.

So stop in and introduce yourself. I promise, you’ll make a new friend (hi, Lisa and Thom!).

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