Thursday, August 5, 2021

Don't Tell A Soul - Jay Stringer. Out Now, Innit.

 By Jay Stringer

My new book has been out for just over a week now. So I'm still within the statue of limitations for one last bit of blatant self-promotion. 

Louisa doesn't feel capable of murder. But her husband is missing. 

Did she kill him? Why can't she remember?

Louisa Mantalos is a C-list celebrity, and Dave is an indie rock star. Nothing about their life together is private. Drug problems. Criminal friends. Nightclub fights. They've lived it all in public. But Dave's been missing now for six months, and everyone in New York assumes she killed him. A popular true crime podcast is covering the case, and asking intrusive questions about Louisa's past, and she is struggling to hold her life together and protect her two young sons from the news. But now she has a medical condition affecting her memory. She can't remember what happened the night Dave disappeared.

Running out of options, feeling lost and alone, she hires Constantin McGarry, an ex-con private eye from Queens. He's down on his luck and buries his heart beneath layers of irony and jokes, but he's the only person left in town willing to take Louisa's case. And it doesn't take long for Con to realise Louisa's story doesn't add up. 

But is she lying, or does she really not remember? 

Gone Girl meets The Rockford Files in this dark, funny, and sexy thriller from the award-nominated author of Ways To Die In Glasgow

'Slick, sexy and suffused with cool, a psychological thriller cut up with the keenest of edges.'- Eva Dolan.

'One of the best books I've read this year, a great PI novel.'- James Oswald.

'Jay Stringer is a crime writer at the top of his game, I loved every page of this book.'- Jess Lourey.

'Smart, sharp, and edge-of-your-seat thriller that sinks under your skin.' - Hilary Davidson.

'...throws us into a world of secrets and lies.' - CrimeBookGirl.

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The book is also available in two paperback editions. The standard edition and a dyslexic

reader edition, formatted with the Open Dyslexic typeface, making it easier to read for dyslexics. ISBN for this edition is 9781916892323.

As an extra wee bonus, I slipped out a brand new collection of my stories and poems overnight. It's exclusive to ebook for now, paperbacks will follow later in the year.

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