Thursday, June 3, 2021

How To Get New Book Covers (by paying me...)

 By Jay Stringer

I've been branching out lately. Last year I took four months off from writing to learn how to do professional-quality layouts. Sent some time tooling around with InDesign, and a LOT of time tooling around with Affinity Publisher. I'm sure you've noticed the difference between books that had professional layouts and books that have been fed through a KDP converter. (Hey, not judging, we're all working with what we're able to work with.) 

I think indie authors should have access to all the tools they need to create books that look as good as the ones produced by the big guns. I'll soon be offering freelance layouts/typesetting services. I'm not ready to take work on just yet, because I'm still effectively in 'beta' with a couple of test clients while I make sure -for myself- that I can give you top quality work. But soon I'll be announcing prices that are as cheap and accessible as I can afford to make them, so more people can produce top quality work. 

(Meanwhile, if you're a trans or Roma author, not just during Pride month and GRT month but any time of year, drop me a line and I'll try and fit you in for free. Wait times may vary...)

Before all of that though, what I am ready to do, is MAKE SOME ART FOR YOU. Here are some guidelines for my range and general aesthetic. Though I'm open to experimenting and trying new things. I focus on ebook covers. I.e, just the front cover. But if you're producing a paperback through IngramSpark or KDP, I can build that in for a little extra, depending on what kind of back cover you're looking for. 

The template covers are a one-and-done thing, you pick your cover, we add in your titles, author name, and play around with blurb placement, work with the brightness of the titles for thumbnails, and then that template is removed from sale so it's exclusive to you. There are more templates available over at my website



Bob Mueller said...

Those are some nice looking covers.

Have you found any good tutorials you'd recommend for Affinity Publisher? I picked up the entire package last year during their half-price COVID sale, and I'm to the point that I need to carve out some time and learn it.

Jay Stringer said...

Bob, drop me a line, I can talk you through it and give some links.