Thursday, April 1, 2021

Revolving with Beau

This week, Beau takes a look at Revolver by Michael Patrick Hicks.

"Wow. Just... Wow. Revolver aims at the world we live in and blows its head off." - Edward Lorn, author of Bays End and The Sound of Broken Ribs

"Terrific and brutally aggressive." - Glenn Rolfe, author of Becoming and Blood and Rain

"Revolver is the most relevant work of fiction right now!" - Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews

“Hicks has written a seminal political – psychological thriller that packs a massive punch in a short space. … I think it’s a piece of fiction that will stand the test of time.” - Steve Stred, Kendall Reviews

"Hicks paints a picture of a world that's uncomfortably possible...passionate and well-written." - Black Guys Do Read

“Revolver ... takes the ‘shocking’ gold medal. A classic example of social science fiction … most gripping.” - David Wailing, author of Auto

"[A] truly gut twisting, heart wrenching, sphincter squeezing tale of lossand abandonment that stuck with me long after the last page." - Anthony Vicino, author of Time Heist

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