Sunday, August 2, 2020

Puzzling It Out

A while back I wrote about the power of rote work. I was building a brick planter in the yard and it became a meditative assignment that helped my mind to wander in directions that benefited my writing.
Lately (and by that I mean since mid-March, when—you know—stuff happened) I’ve needed something that will work twofold. First, just like before, I need a task that’s engaging enough to use part of my brain but not all. I’m still writing a book, and I still have plot points that need working out in that free space my mind get when doing the right level of task.
Second, though, I needed something to do. In the house. All the time. And since pacing the floors was starting to freak the dogs out, I turned to something I hadn’t done much in years. It’s something quite a few of you mentioned in response to my question with last year’s post.
What do you do to keep yourself occupied just enough to let your mind roam free? And use (in today’s Covid world) to keep from going crazy?
Puzzles. Lots of them. And I’m not the only one. Sales have gone through the roof since the pandemic started. I pulled out my old ones and got some new ones. An order I placed three months ago is set to arrive this week. I’m very excited. So are the dogs. They’re tired of the pacing.

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