Sunday, July 5, 2020

Needed: Humanity

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about how much we need one another. And how much the two big current issues have proven that.
Coronavirus has cut off everybody’s contact with everybody else. No get-togethers, no taking my laptop and working at the coffee shop, no school, no anything. Necessary, absolutely. For me, it’s driven home how much even small, everyday, in-person interactions matter for mental health. And then there are the normal markers of time that have excruciatingly evaporated—Easter egg hunts in April, baseball in May, swimming in June. Right now, my God, I just want to have a barbecue.
Our second need for one another comes with Black Lives Matter. The need to look through a lens that is not your own, to see the world as it affects others, and then to affect change. It’s not a new problem, that’s for sure, but right now we absolutely need one another to push this forward, to keep the momentum going.
So there we go. Humanity in contact, humanity in connection, humanity in equality. And as I write this on the Fourth of July, a hope that the future brings all three.

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