Monday, May 11, 2020

COLDWATER by Tom Pitts

By Tom Pitts

Out May 18

Tom Pitts is one of the most talented writers working today and I count him as a favorite. He has a natural knack for storytelling, parceling out details and character in perfect quantity and time. With an uncommon ability, he builds suspense and anxiety, creating tension throughout scenes that hurls the reader into the moment. He isn't afraid to go too far and his tales are original, unlike most others in both substance and presentation. His work will rock you.

COLDWATER comes out on May 18 and I can't wait. The book has already amassed a plethora of positive reviews from early readers. If you like crime, suspense, hardboiled, or noir I suggest you read Tom’s newest when it hits the shelves and then take a deep dive into his cache.

The story...

After a miscarriage, a young couple move from San Francisco to the Sacramento suburbs to restart their lives. When the vacant house across the street is taken over by who they think are squatters, they’re pulled into a battle neither of them bargained for. The gang of unruly drug addicts who’ve infested their block have a dark and secret history that reaches beyond their neighborhood and all the way to the most powerful and wealthy men in California. 

L.A. fixer Calper Dennings is sent by a private party to quell the trouble before it affects his employer. But before he can finish the job, he too is pulled into the violent dark world of a man with endless resources to destroy anyone around him.

Praise for COLDWATER:

“You know those times when your reading slows down and you can’t find the right book to read next? Tom Pitts’s Coldwater was the book I needed to pull me out of those doldrums. I tore through it, gripped by every page. Simply put, Coldwater is a damn good book. A thoughtful and violent tale of bad luck and bad choices. I loved it.” —Johnny Shaw, author of Big Maria and Undocumented 

“A great American writer who knows his way around the gutter. Pitts is bold; his style his own. In Coldwater, he builds characters with heart, through layered storytelling and dialogue as real as a conversation between old friends. Tom Pitts at his very best.” —Matthew McBride, author of Frank Sinatra in a Blender and A Swollen Red Sun

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