Monday, February 3, 2020

Let’s get the week started with a look back.

 News from inside our crime writing community.

Jedidiah Ayres and Hardboiled Wonderland will be publishing a new series. MY FELONIOUS VALENTINE is a two-week look at romance in crime films. Be on the lookout for some of your favorite writers. The series started Saturday and featured Dennis Tafoya, author of POOR BOYS GAME, THE WOLVES OF FAIRMOUNT PARK and DOPE THIEF and continued yesterday with Kelby Losack author of HEATHENISH and THE WAY WE CAME IN. Be sure to check out this killer series. 

Ed Aymar, who hit the top of the Amazon Crime Noir list this week for his book THE UNREPENTANT, and Sarah M. Chen, contributor to the Publishers Weekly acclaimed THE FAKING OF THE PRESIDENT, just keep kicking ass. Sarah and Ed announced THE SWAMP KILLERS (3/16/2020), the follow-up anthology to THE NIGHT OF THE FLOOD. Expect this new anthology to be released in March from Down and Out Books. The cover was revealed this week and it is a perfect fit. Congratulations to everyone involved and I can’t wait to read.

Shawn Cosby, author of MY DARKEST PRAYER and the upcoming BLACKTOP WASTELAND (7/14/2020) is enjoying well-deserved praise for his soon-to-be-released book. Steve Cavanaugh, Lee Child, Jennifer Hillier, Dennis Lehane, Alex Segura, and LynDee Walker all have high praise for BLACKTOP WASTELAND. Make sure you give Shawn a good read. “Sensationally good―new, fresh, real, authentic, twisty, with characters and dilemmas that will break your heart. More than recommended.” ―Lee Child

Nikki Dolson is one of my new favorite writers. With her latest, a collection of hardboiled love stories entitled LOVE AND OTHER CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR (4/2020), the super talented Nikki shares stories about the many different ways to love—and the many different ways love can kill you. The book is due in April, but Bronzeville revealed the amazing cover this week. Take a look. Make room on top of your TBR pile for Nikki. BTW, catch more news about Nikki in the Shotgun Honey section.

Beau Johnson received an amazing blurb for his soon to be published (2/24/2020) ALL OF THEM TO BURN from a man everybody wants on their cover and in their corner. Poetic crusader, Gabino Iglesias, as Beau puts it, “is the ultimate Hustler and boon to the writing community.” Gabino has great things to say about Beau’s latest. Congratulations Beau! “Come for the blood and viciousness and stay for the electric dialogue and outstanding last lines. I promise it’s all equally fun.”- Gabino Iglesias 

Gutter Books founder and The Flash Fiction Offensive creator Matthew Louis has established and launched a new website for all Gutter content, including FFO. Everything Gutter can be found at Read dark and disturbing stories. Submit your own. Buy books. Do all things in the gutter. It’s just that easy.

Steph Post brings her Florida noir series, featuring Judah Cannon, to a wild conclusion with HOLDING SMOKE. Released in January, HOLDING SMOKE is already setting the book world on fire, earning a Star! review from Publishers Weekly. PW hails her a “born story teller.” That ain’t chicken feed.  Cheers to Steph! “Post expertly weaves these disparate plot strands into a wholly satisfying if inevitable ending.” – Publishers Weekly

Alex Segura is contributing to the iconic and entrancing Star Wars universe with his upcoming novel FREE FALL, focusing on the early life of Poe Damron. What an amazing opportunity! Very happy for Alex. Even happier for Star Wars fans. Alex is a talented writer, with a particular gift for character and story development, and will surely satisfy the most particular of Star Wars devotees.

Lean and Mean, Shotgun Honey recently introduced a few new team members. Nikki Dolson, author of ALL THINGS VIOLENT and the upcoming LOVE AND OTHER CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, along with acclaimed short story author Paul J. Garth, whose work can be found on Shotgun Honey, most recently with “Eulogy”, have joined SH as Submission Editors. Led by the keen-eyed Hector Acosta, this team is asking for submissions. Head over to Shotgun Honey for more information. 

LynDee Walker takes home half of the TWO WRITERS YOU SHOULD READ crown in Ed Aymar’s “Mainly crime fiction…” newsletter this month. The latest installment in LynDee’s popular Nichelle Clarke series, HIDDEN VICTIMS, will be available in April. LynDee chose THE WOLF WANTS IN by Laura McHugh as her must read partner for the month. Take Ed’s advice, read LynDee and Laura.

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