Friday, February 7, 2020

Beau, Gabino, Fernando

Beau is back.

With the American Dirt lunacy and the Barnes Ampersand Noble "diversity" travesty, now seems like a good time to revisit ZERO SAINTS from Gabino Iglesias and remind you of how things ought to be done.
Enforcer and drug dealer Fernando has seen better days. On his way home from work, some heavily-tattooed gangsters throw him in the back of a car and take him to an abandoned house, where they saw off his friend's head and feed the kid's fingers to...something. Their message is clear: this is their territory, now. But Fernando isn't put down that easily. Using the assistance of a Santeria priestess, an insane Puerto Rican pop sensation, a very human dog, and a Russian hitman, he'll build the courage (and firepower) he'll need to fight a gangbanger who's a bit more than human.

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