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MIAMI MIDNIGHT by Alex Segura arrives 8/13.


Alex Segura is the author of the acclaimed Pete Fernandez Miami Mysteries, which include SILENT CITY, DOWN THE DARKEST STREET, DANGEROUS ENDS, BLACKOUT, and MIAMI MIDNIGHT and creator of the best-selling and critically acclaimed ARCHIE MEETS KISS, the "Occupy Riverdale" story, ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES and THE ARCHIES. He is the co-creator, co-writer and executive producer of the Lethal Lit podcast from iHeartMedia, named one of the best podcasts of 2018 by The New York Times.

Mr. Segura could not be more different from his popular and troubled protagonist Pete Fernandez, though both men have a large cast of fans.

“I love Pete and Alex for completely opposite reasons. Pete is, for lack of a better phrase, a bit of a mess where Alex is so together. It's a testament to Alex's talent that he's able to create such a believable character in Pete and to have us so invested in Pete's journey over the course of five books.”

– Kellye Garrett; Agatha, Anthony, Lefty and Independent Publisher award winning author of the DETECTIVE by DAY series. Discover more at

Segura has earned his loyal following by creating complex characters and harrowing predicaments that are both hair-raising and personal.

In BLACKOUT, fourth installment of the smart, hard-boiled Pete Fernandez series, we found one-time top investigative journalist Fernandez, confronting monotony head-on as a cheater-chasing PI. This momentary respite from his rocky and painful past was broken when he and his equally inquisitive, quasi-partner Kathy Bentley are pulled into another dangerous mystery. Bentley and Fernandez are caught between a charismatic and dangerous cult leader wielding an army of even more menacing followers and greedy, fame hungry politicians. The ending left us breathless.

“My favorite characteristic of Pete is his fallibility. In this way, at least for me, he's the most relatable private eye I've ever read. He doesn't have all the answers; he doesn't have his shit together all the time. So, it allows us to better follow along on his journey.

Now, my favorite thing about Alex is his incredible heart. So big that it leaves no room for ego. He's a model for how authors should go about supporting one another.”

- Steph Post; Patricia Cornwell Scholarship recipient, Vereen Bell Award winner, regular Lit Reactor and Alternating Current contributor, and author of the Judah Cannon series, award-winning A TREE BORN CROOKED, and the recent MIRACULUM. Discover more at

In MIAMI MIDNIGHT, Alex’s soon-to-be-released follow-up finale to BLACKOUT, a year has passed since Pete Fernandez’s latest brush with death. After months of recovery, the newly sober Pete has managed to rebuild his life, contentedly running a small Miami bookstore and steering clear of the dangers of private eye work. So, when an aging Cuban mobster asks Pete to find out who killed his drug-addicted, jazz pianist son and to locate his missing daughter-in-law, Pete balks. Until another victim suggests that the murder of the gangster’s son may be connected to the people that nearly ended Pete’s life, while revealing an unexpected, dangerous truth about the death of the Miami PI's own mother.

“What shines for me when I read Pete Fernandez is his relationship with his partner, Kathy Bentley. There’s a lingering sense of romance between them, but it stretches beyond some sort of cliché or plot device. No one knows Pete better than Kathy (and, lovingly, vice versa), and Kathy lacks the interest to put up with Pete’s bullshit. Or, for that matter, anyone else’s. She’s a wonderful creation, and I’ll miss her just as much as I’ll miss Pete. The two of them are a lovely gift for readers from Alex.

As for Alex, I like that he has admirable facial hair and makes good babies.”

-Ed Aymar; Author of THE UNREPENTANT and THE DEAD TRILOGY, Editor for THE NIGHT OF THE FLOOD, monthly contributor to the Washington Independent Review of Books, and Managing Editor of The Thrill Begins. Discover more at

MIAMI MIDNIGHT has already received high-praise.

"A fantastic noir with a complex and very human hero in Pete Fernandez. My takeaway: more books should be set in Miami and more novels should be written by Alex Segura."

―Lisa Lutz, author of The Passenger and The Swallows

“The Pete Fernandez novels are a must-read for any crime fiction series fan. Alex Segura is a writer to watch."

―Alafair Burke, New York Times bestselling author of The Better Sister

"Dark, dangerous, and compelling, Miami Midnight by Alex Segura is modern day noir crime fiction at its best."

―Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of Under My Skin

"Deeply absorbing...I’d suggest reading this with Coltrane or Dizzy playing in the background, a chilled mojito next to you, and nothing on your schedule because you’ll not want to put this book down." ―Carole Barrowman, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"Alex Segura’s P.I. series is one of the best around, and this latest offering might very well be the pick of the bunch. Don’t miss it."

―Michael Harvey, author of Pulse and Brighton

"Topflight suspense, full of head-snapping twists, but what sets it apart is its richly detailed and engaging characters, especially Pete Fernandez whose troubled past rises up to threaten him and all he holds dear." ―James W. Hall, author of the acclaimed Thorn mystery series

With MIAMI MIDNIGHT Alex Segura has created an epic novel of mystery, humanity, and suspense while bringing to a stunning conclusion the acclaimed series that reinvented the private eye novel for a new generation.

I love this series. You should make a point to pick up MIAMI MIDNIGHT when it comes out August 13. Learn more at

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