Sunday, February 3, 2019

Book Cover Challenge

Of all the accounts and credit cards and license plates that populate my life, there is only one string of numbers that I actually have memorized. The one on my library card. 
My very well-used library card.
I can type it in five seconds flat. And I do, very frequently. I’m always reserving books online or checking them out at the quick self-serve kiosk at my local branch. When I’m there, I see teenagers doing their homework and reading graphic novels after school; retirees working on family history through the free genealogy database access; community groups using the meeting room; and best of all, small children balancing tall stacks of picture books that they insist they can handle by themselves.
So I was delighted this week when the Sacramento County Public Library challenged me on Twitter to post a book cover a day for seven days. It was a fun task that had me looking through my books in a way I haven’t in quite a while, purely as a form of visual art.
Here are my seven covers. What do you think of my choices? And what covers would you pick? 

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steve said...

love MONEYBALL and often suggest that one to folks