Monday, August 13, 2018

The Second Time Around

I had an episode of Game of Thrones on the other day and - spoiler if you haven't seen season 6 - there's this great moment that's been building, when Jon and Sansa reunite.

What I noticed? The look on Tormund's face when he saw Brienne.

That's because when you're watching something for the first time your focus is being directed by the primary plot. Once you know how some things unfold, if you go back, you'll pick up things you overlooked the first time around.

This is why the second time with a story can be sweeter.

Today, I have a new issue at Toe Six Press out early. Interviews with WIllie Davis, Tom Leins and Gray Basnight. Reviews of the latest from Willie Davis, John Connolly and Val McDermid. Paul D. Brazill has his songlist for Small Time Crimes.

There's also a write-up about the one, the only Allan Guthrie.



Today, I launch Zombie Cat. When Spinetingler abruptly shut down and was deleted, easy access to a lot of great stories and material was lost. I know there are wayback machines, but in spite of that not everything has been recovered. For the first few years of operation, Spinetingler used pdfs and I'm not sure any of them survived anywhere, other than my computer because I fortunately downloaded them... and they were filled with a lot of great stories from great writers, like James Oswald, Steve Mosby, Amra Pajalic, and more.

Zombie Cat is designed to give a second life to stories. If you have a story that came out in an anthology a few years ago and you'd like to see it accessible online, this is the place to submit. If you have a story that was published in an ezine that's no longer with us or accessible online, this site was designed for you. Zombie Cat is now open to reprint submissions.

I wish I could say that we were offering at least a token payment, but at this time the budget just isn't there for that. However, I always think it's better as an author to reference places where interviews have appeared online or sites that have featured me or my work. It's better for people to see others want to talk about you than it is for you to just talk about yourself.

I've had my own share of stories that have been lost over time and are no longer easily accessible. The least I can do is help some other authors resurrect theirs. So... Zombie Cat. Because cats have nine lives and stories deserves at least a second chance.

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