Saturday, April 29, 2017

There Must Be Balance

Scott D. Parker

I’m a Star Wars geek so of course I’ll quote Yoda.

“Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.”

How does this relate to writing and the business of writing? Let me paraphrase:

Always two [components to a writing business] there are, [a lot] more, no less. [The Writing] and [Everything Else You Need To Do]

If you recall last week’s post, I halted my writing so that I could revamp the website ahead of my Business Anniversary on Monday. I am republishing my western titles as written by “S.D. Parker” and they go live on Monday, 1 May. More western short stories and novels will follow throughout the summer and beyond.

Anyway, since I like to start new writing projects on the first days of the month, so I’ve actually had some downtime. I’ve kept my writing business active by reviewing the third Benjamin Wade novel (it now has a tentative title of The Missing Wife), solidifying the images I’ll use for the revamped covers for my mystery books, and purchasing a USB microphone that I’ll use to start recording audio versions of my stories and books. It has been busy.

But I’ve not been writing. And I don’t like it. I certainly appreciate the downtime, but I’m already antsy for Monday to get here so I can start writing again. I have big writing plans for May 2017: short stories. Then, in June, it’ll be back to novel writing again. One thing I’m learning about my process is that variety is key. Whether it be length of stories or types of stories, I think I work best going back and forth.

Plus, I’ve been away from my character, Calvin Carter now for two weeks. I miss him. :-) I’ll be ready to return to his adventures in June.

How about y’all? Do y’all write the same character/types of books over and over again or do you change it up?

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