Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Writing Code Has Been Cracked

By Steve Weddle

If you've written a few books and have decided your next work will be a writing tips book, give it up.  Derek Murphy has cracked the code.

You don't need to run down to the store and grab Masterplotz. You don't need to download one of those "99,999 Tips for Writing a Best Seller" from Amazon. Just head on over to the post and get to work.

Too busy to click? OK. Here are some of the things Murphy does:

Start with cover art.
Read best sellers.
Plot with tropes.
Make friends.

The one I find most interesting is starting with the book cover art. I can see how that would give you a good idea of what you want, a way to visualize your characters and the world and, perhaps, the stakes. Now, of course, you'd have ideas in your brainz before you get on with the perusing cover art, but think of how that could help you "crystalize what you visualize" (trademark pending).

Some folks print out images of their main characters. Maybe you're thinking of Ryan Gooseling. (Who isn't?) or ScarJo or that guy from that show on SyFy. So you picture your main character like that. Or you make a map of the lands and that helps. Or you start plotting with index cards and paste those to the wall. Whatever you do is swell and you're awesome, possum. But, starting with cover art? That seems pretty interesting and counter-interuitive. I dig counter-intuitive, natch. Why not put the cart before the horse, right? That way you're not rolling through horse poo when you travel.

Anyhoo, check out this post. Maybe it'll help you.

The really weird tricks, Derek Murphy


David Nemeth said...

It's Derek Murphy that cracked the code, not Volk.

Steve Weddle said...

David, Thanks. Fixed