Thursday, March 9, 2017

Anthony Awards - Eligible Titles.

By Jay Stringer

(I'm baaaaaaack. Well, for one post. )

It's that time. Our Anthony list last year proved popular, so we're doing it again. Same rules apply....there are no rules. The books just need to be eligible.

Some authors are comfortable with BSP, some aren't. Some publishers get titles out in front of everyone, some aren't able to. Some indie authors have nobody in their corner, no publisher or publicist.

If you're any one of those -or if you're a fan who wants to speak up for a particular title- add your suggestions (including title, author, category) to the comments here, or seek me out via email and facebook, and we'll add it to this list. And if you've already sent in your suggestions and don't see them here, give me another shout, some might have slipped through the initial rush. The same goes for any glaring omissions, or books in the wrong category....just bear in mind I'm an idiot, and assume I need to be told.

This list is a work in progress, so if you're yet to fill in your ballot, might be worth waiting a week or so, to see how this fills out. That's what I'll be doing.


A Terrible Beauty - Tasha Alexander
Better Dead - Max Allan Collins
Antiques Fate - Barbara Collins
A Death Along The River Fleet - Susanna Calkins 
December Boys - Joe Clifford
Dark Fissures - Matt Coyle
The Pursuit - Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg
Poisonfeather - Matthew FitzSimmons
Hard Cold Winter - Glen Hamilton
Red Right hand - Chris Holm
Arrowood - Laura McHugh
Baggage - S.G. Redling
Rough Trade - Todd Robinson
Down The Darkest Street - Alex Segura
Floodgate - Johnny Shaw

Murder Never Knocks - Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins


The Branson Beauty - Claire Booth
The Defence - Steve Cavanagh
The Big Fear - Andrew Case
Cleaning Up Finn - Sarah M. Chen
All The Bridges Burning - Neliza Drew
Beachhead - Jeffery Hess
IQ - Joe Ide
Iron Goddess - Dharma Kellher
At What Cost - James L'Etoile
Design For Dying - Renee Patrick
The Drifter - Nick Petrie
Nothing Short of Dying - Erik Storey


Shot In Detroit - Patricia Abbott
Graveyard Love - Scott Adlerberg
Road To Perdition: The New, Expanded Edition - Max Allan Collins
Quarry In The Black - Max Allan Collins
Ridgerunner - Rusty Barnes
Leadfoot - Eric Beetner
Kill 'Em With Kindness - C.S. DeWildt
Come Twilight - Tyler Dilts
Disgraced - Gwen Florio
South Village - Rob Hart
Stalked - Elizabeth Heiter
Surveillance - Reece Hirsch
Willow Walk - SJI Holliday
Grizzly Season - S.W. Lauden
Elegy in Scarlet - BV Lawson
Salem's Cypher - Jess Loury
A Murder of Crows - Terrence McCauley
Genuinely Dangerous - Mike McCrary
One or the Other - John McFetridge
And When I Die - Russel D. McLean
The Paris Librarian - Mark Pryor
The Necessary Murder of Nonie Blake - Terry Shames
Blind Rage - Michael W. Sherer
Bind Instinct - Michael W. Sherer
Holy Death - Anthony Neil Smith
How To Kill Friends And Implicate People - Jay Stringer
Bitter Harvest - Wendy Tyson
Riot Load - Bryon Quertermous
An Empty Hell - Dave White
Heart Of Stone - James Ziskin


Cleaning Up Finn - Sarah M. Chen
No Happy Endings - Angel Luis Colón
Tijuana Donkey Showdown - Adam Howe
Punhos Sagrados - Nik Korpon
Crosswise - S.W. Lauden
Route 12 - Marietta Miles


Letters From  A Serial Killer - Kristi Belcamino & Stephanie Kahalekulu


Hailey Ardell - I'm In Trouble - Waiting To Be Forgotten
Erik Arneson - Election Day - Waiting To Be Forgotten
Eric Beetner - Pardon Me (I've Got Someone To Kill) - Mama Tried
Eric Beetner - Left Of The Dial - Waiting To Be Forgotten
Kristi Belcamino - Achin' To Be - Waiting To Be Forgotten
William Boyle - Unsatisfied - Waiting To Be Forgotten
Rob Brunet - Skinny's Beach - Ellery Queen, Feb 2016
Jen Conley - Actresses - Manslaughter Review
Jen Conley - Hold My Life - Waiting To Be Forgotten
Rory Costello - I.O.U. - Waiting To Be Forgotten
Barb Goffman - Stepmonster -  Chesapeake Crimes: Storm Warning
Barb Goffman - The Best-Laid Plans - Malice Domestic 11: Murder Most Conventional
Nick Kolakowski - A Bad Day in Boat Repo - Thuglit: Last Writes
Ed Kurtz - God Damn Job - Waiting To Be Forgotten
S.W. Lauden - Customer - Waiting To Be Forgotten
BV Lawson - And Down We Go - Blood On The Bayou
Tom Leins - Nightclub Jitters - Waiting To Be Forgotten
Mike McCrary - Seperate checks - Thuglit: Last Writes
Mike McCrary - Here Comes A Regular - Waiting To Be Forgotten
Rick Ollerman - Run It - Waiting To Be Forgotten
Travis Richardson - Being Fred - Thuglit 21
Alex Segura - Within Your Reach - Waiting To Be Forgotten
Johnny Shaw - Gary's Got A Boner - Waiting To Be Forgotten
Josh Stallings - The Ledge - Waiting To Be Forgotten
Jay Stringer - I Will Dare Waiting To Be Forgotten
Liam Sweeny - The Last- Waiting To Be Forgotten
Art Taylor - Parallel Play - Chesapeake Crimes: Storm Warning
Holly West - Queen of the Dogs - 44 Caliber Funk


44 Caliber Funk - Ed Gary Phillips & Robert Randisi
BLOOD ON THE BAYOU - Ed Greg Herren - Down & Out
Cannibals: Stories From The Edge Of The Pine Barrens - Jen Conley - Down & Out
Chesapeake Crimes: Storm Warning - Ed Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman, & Marcia Talley
Malice Domestic 11: Murder Most Conventional - Ed Barb Goffman, Rita Owen, & Verena Rose
Mama Tried - Ed James R. Tuck - Down & Out
Unloaded - Ed Eric Beetner - Down & Out
Waiting To Be Forgotten - Ed Jay Stringer - Gutter


Snowed - Maria Alexander
Tag, You're Dead - JC Lane
The Fixes - Owen Matthews



Art Taylor said...

Thanks for the list here--very helpful indeed!

BVLawson said...

If you're still accepting additions to your list, my story "And Down We Go" from the Bouchercon 2016 anthology BLOOD ON THE BAYOU is eligible, as is the Scott Drayco paperback original novel ELEGY IN SCARLET. Thanks very much!

Neliza said...

*whispers so as to not seem unappreciative*

Thank you much.

Claire Booth said...

I'd like to add The Necessary Murder of Nonie Blake, by Terry Shames.

Claire Booth said...

Terry's in the PBO category

Unknown said...

I had to check with the Anthony folks first, but they said my novella PUNHOS SAGRADOS from the THE SOUL STANDARD is eligible for the novella category.

Nik Korpon said...

Whoops. My name didn't show on the comment above.

Holly West said...

Thanks for preparing this, Jay!

Anonymous said...

My thanks too, Jay!

Liam Sweeny said...

I'd like to add "The Last" by me (Liam Sweeny) from Waiting to Be Forgotten

Rusty said...


Joe Clifford said...

Thanks for including me (this time).

GlenErikHamilton said...

If I may, I'd like to add my novel HARD COLD WINTER to your list of Best Novel nominees. Thanks so much for assembling this handy guide!

Barb Goffman said...

I'd appreciate your adding two of my short stories to the list: "Stepmonster" from Chesapeake Crimes: Storm Warning and "The Best-Laid Plans" from Malice Domestic 11: Murder Most Conventional. Both of these books are also eligible for best anthology. The Storm Warning editors: Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman, and Marcia Talley. The Murder Most Conventional editors: Barb Goffman, Rita Owen, and Verena Rose. Thanks very much!

Rich Ryan said...

I'd like to add "The Vatican Cameos: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure."

BVLawson said...

One little addendum - I thought perhaps the editor of BLOOD ON THE BAYOU, Greg Herren, might have already pointed out that the Bouchercon 2016 anthology was also eligible in the anthologies category, but I see that he hasn't. So I hope he doesn't mind if I add that to your list, too. :-)

Max Allan Collins said...

Actually I think ROAD TO PERDITION: THE NEW EXPANDED VERSION should be listed as a paperback -- there's no hardcover version.

I also had the Nate Heller novel, BETTER DEAD, out last year, and the Quarry paperback QUARRY IN THE BLACK. Hardcover and paperback original respectively. My wife and I, as Barbara Collins, has ANTIQUES FATE in hardcover.


Max Allan Collins said...

I left one out:

MURDER NEVER KNOCKS, Mickey Spillane and me.

Marietta Miles said...

May I add Route 12, Marietta Miles? Novella category, please. If possible.