Friday, December 9, 2016

Adventures with Dirge Magazine

I don't post a lot about my work at Dirge here, because it's only sometimes crime, and it's never fiction, but I'm going to be a part of something really cool this weekend as a result and I'd like to invite everyone to join me.

If you have followed my non-fiction at all, you might know I wrote a column (once upon a time) where I satirized existing Cosmo/Glamour/Maxim 'sex tips' and that I am often critical of how sex and sexuality are used against women in criminal cases (whether they be the victim or the perpetrator, and regardless of whether the case involved sex at all). I did a brief stint as the sex category editor at Dirge before moving up to Senior Editor. It's all been fun, even when the research has been infuriating, and I'm really excited that this small amount of work has led to an opportunity to join the amazing Dr. Susan Block on her podcast/web-show to talk about consent and "Sex Positivity in the Trumpocalypse."

If you don't know who Dr. Susan Block is, hold onto your butts because she's a pretty amazing woman. She's a sex therapist specializing in kink and BDSM, she runs a twenty-four hour hotline for people and their sex questions, she's an activist who wants to help protect the amazing Bonobo ape, and also writes about what we can learn from their matriarchal and sex filled communities. She's consulted for the Los Angeles public defender's office in their sex crimes department. She's written extensively on sex and love, travelled the world, helped veterans, and the list goes on.

If I'm going to break out of my shell and talk openly about sex and sex positivity - this is the woman to do it with!

I don't have a ton to say about it just yet, as the show is recorded tomorrow night. It's all been prep so far - if you want to watch us, you've got to have a subscription (link NSFW) to Dr. Block's site, but you can listen here for free.
Wish me luck!

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