Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween - It's Like Crime Fiction, Only With Candy

Halloween is a lot like crime fiction. Funny, you say, you don’t recall many thrillers populated with pint-sized princesses or superheroes. True.
But both of them are the chance to be frightened in a safe environment. You’ll get a glimpse of a scarier world while secure in the knowledge that it will all turn out okay. A crime fiction author does this by providing a conclusion. The murder is solved, the conspiracy is foiled, the villain is caught. Halloween does this by ending with you back in a warm, well-lit house and pilfering from your kid’s candy bag. You know that when the evening – or the book – is over, you’ll be able to walk away, safe and sound.
So enjoy your night of fright tomorrow – whether it’s curling up with a mystery, roaming through a haunted house, or trekking door-to-door with a five-year-old hopped up on Sweet Tarts and Pixie Stix. Because everything will be all right in the morning.

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