Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bouchercon in the books

By Claire Booth

NEW ORLEANS - Another Bouchercon is almost in the books, and it has been an incredible one. So well-run and more fun than well, anyplace but New Orleans. It is such a fantastic place to connect with other writers and talk craft. But just as much fun is connecting with readers. You can turn around and start talking to anyone, and they'll talk back - gladly. (Much as we might think that our regular neighborhoods are like that, we know it's not really true.) But in the Magic Bouchercon bubble, it is true, and you make great friends while waiting for the elevator or wandering around trying to find that elusive panel room.
I was lucky enough to be on a fantastic panel talking about the Golden Age of Mystery. (Cheat Sheet: traditional mysteries generally published between the world wars by folks like Agatha Christie, Anthony Berkeley, Dorothy L. Sayers, etc.) It's one of my absolute favorite time periods and was extremely influential on my own formation as a writer. So to have a room packed with people who love it as much as I do was just wonderful. (And I got to meet fellow DSDer Scott Parker at the end of it. Excellent bonus!)
I'm going to try to see one more panel today and then wander out to find another amazing restaurant. Sunday it's back to the real world, but until then, it's books, books, books. Heaven.

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