Sunday, March 6, 2016

Happy News!

Wow, am I thrilled to share this news.

I'm going to be published by Polis Books! I have long admired Jason Pinter and Polis Books and am extremely excited and honored to be part of a publishing team that includes authors such as Alex Segura, Rob Hart, Bryon Quertermous, Patricia Abbott, Dave White, and Todd Robinson!

Here is what will run in Publisher's Weekly about the book, which is slated for spring 2017.

Anthony and Macavity nominee Kristi Belcamino’s debut Young Adult novel CITY OF ANGELS, set in 1992 Los Angeles amidst the boiling tension of the Rodney King trial, about a destitute teenager named Nikki who ends up living above a punk rock bar, and must investigate the disappearance of a young girl who has either succumbed to the streets, or something far worse.

And here is my own blurb/synopsis:

Nikki Black, 18, a self-imposed lone wolf since her mother died, fled suburban Chicago to escape her painful past. But when her so-called boyfriend reveals why he really lured her to Southern California — to star in child porn flicks — she ends up on the streets of L.A. with only the clothes on her back and a fourteen-year-old addict named Rain trailing in her shadows. The girls seek refuge at a residential hotel above a punk rock bar in downtown L.A. a few months before the city erupts into chaos during the 1992 riots. At The American Hotel, Nikki makes friends and for the first time in years feels as if she has a real family again.

All that changes when Rain disappears. Everyone except Nikki, including the police, thinks Rain succumbed to the seductive allure of addiction and life on the streets. Nikki finds herself fighting for her own life the closer she gets to unveiling a sinister cover-up by a powerful group that secretly controls the city of angels. City of Angels is an edgy, gritty, mature YA mystery about a teenager’s struggle to not only belong — but survive.


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Awesome! Congratulations!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Welcome to the club, Kristi. Jason is lucky to have you!

Kristi said...

Thanks Sandra, Renee, and Patti.
I'm thrilled!

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