Thursday, August 6, 2015

I only escaped to tell thee

By Steve Weddle

Hey, I'm teaching this month-long short story class over at LitReactor right now.

This first week, we're talking about character and I'm teaching from James Salter's amazing story, "Comet."

He was leaning on the table, his chin in his hand. You think you know someone, you think because you have dinner with them or play cards, but you really don’t. It’s always a surprise. You know nothing.
The story has been top-five for me since I first read it, and I always fall back into it when I'm thinking about character -- how bits and pieces of a person in a story get revealed as the reader works through. It's just a wonderful piece, honestly.

You can read it for free here: Comet by James Salter

OK. I have to get back to class. I only escaped to tell you to read the Salter and think about character.


PS - Paris Review interview with Salter is here

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