Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Write without distraction - AlphaSmart keyboards

By Steve Weddle

Once you've done your research, gathered your notes, and you've put your butt in your chair, does the internet keep you from writing?

You just have to look up a street name REALLY QUICK and before you know it, you're looking at Travelocity and daydreaming about a trip to a Greek island in five or six years.

Well, how would you like to write easily, without distraction?

Handwrite in notebooks? But then you have to type that sucker up, right?

 (But, wait, there's more. Um, actually, no. There's less. Which is better. Trust me.)

Instead of using your laptop or tablet and running one of those BLOCK THE INNERWEBS apps, what if you could just type up the words and then load them into your document when you're done? Kind of a NaNoWriMo experience year-round. Just write. Without distractions.

Well, Laurance Friend has been posting about AlphaSmart keyboards.

Read about his experience here.

And, as Mr. Friend suggests, you can find out more over here at the AlphaSmart discussion page.

Is there a video of someone using one? Sure. Here you go:

Get off the internet and write. Good luck.


Scott D. Parker said...

One way I write: on my iPod. Another way to avoid distractions like the internet: don't get distracted.

Laurance Friend said...

Yeah, I didn't necessarily get it for the lack of distraction. It's just a bonus when at home or among civilization. I decided to get a NEO because of its 3-12 month battery life. It will be awesome for all the backpacking I'll be doing in the next year or two.

Sam said...

Looking at ebay now for a dana model
those look good

Anonymous said...

I still write in my notebooks for just this reason

Anne Louise Bannon said...

Once I get going, I seldom have a problem with distraction. But I do find I need my Internet connection when writing in case I have a question or something I need to look up. Having to either write around an issue or not having the "right" fountain pen for the era I'm writing in drives me nuts - and that will stop me faster than anything else. I'm so spoiled by having immediate access to facts.

Jez said...

The Dana has 25-hour battery life while the Neo and Neo 2 have over 700-hours. Yup, over 700-hours.