Saturday, March 7, 2015

When the Whole World Knows

Scott D. Parker

This was THE week. This past week was when I announced to the world that WADING INTO WAR was available for purchase. I had timed the announcement via my new author website but wanted the far-ranging reach of Facebook to really get the message out. There was that moment, however, when I had the Facebook post cued and, with hand on mouse, I eased the cursor over to "Post."

And I hesitated. Only for a moment, but still, I hesitated. This was it. This was the moment of which I had dreamed and planned and prepared for running back to 2013. The moment that the world knew something that was wholly of my own creation was released into the world. There was no going back if I clicked that button. Did I really want to do it? Did I really want to put what I had created out into the world?

Years ago, when a friend and I wrote our first books, he expressed trepidation at the prospect of submitting his novel to an agent. "Then what the heck did you write it for?" I said.

Same question this past Tuesday for me. Did I really want WADING INTO WAR out in the public?

Heck yeah.

I clicked "Post" and the door was opened. I am a published author now. And boy is it a great feeling.

Now I just need to do it again.

For all you veteran authors out there, is this little bit of hesitation the authorial equivalent of stage fright? Does it get easier? Granted, it wasn't too difficult, honestly, aside from that moment. It's a complete thrill to know my book is out there. Moreover, I feel honored to have done something that Charles Dickens also did: publish a book independently.*

*Speaking of Dickens, have you read Edward Granger's (nee David Cranmer) essay on The Mystery of Edwin Drood? Oh, and he's got a nifty new story featuring Gideon Miles.


Unknown said...

Congratulations! That last moment of "letting go" is hard. A real Moment of Truth. Like sending a kid to kindergarten that first day.

Scott D. Parker said...

Victoria - Thank you. I agree on the analogy. But I'll say this, too: now that I've published WADING INTO WAR, other than getting a print version up and available, I've already moved on to the preparing the next book for publication. I guess that's a good sign...

Jeff Shelby said...

Every single time, I still have that moment of hesitation, where I say to myself "Oh, man. This probably sucks. No one is going to like it. Why am I doing this?" I think stage fright is exactly the right way to describe it.

Congrats, Scott. Just bought it and look forward to reading it!