Wednesday, January 28, 2015


by Holly West

Dudes. Y'all caught me on a day when I have no idea what to write about. At first this post was going to be about research, because as a historical fiction writer, you'd think I'd know something about it. But about three paragraphs in I realized I probably don't know anything about research that any other writer doesn't already know.

Delete, delete, delete.

Then I thought maybe I'd re-post something I'd written for my personal blog a few years ago. It's about studying and practicing a craft, which is something I think about a lot. As a former goldsmith and current writer, I'm all about perfecting my craft with consistent practice. I've spent a lot of time completing creative endeavors, but I've never thought of myself as an artist. For some reason I prefer to think of myself as a craftsperson. To me, craft means it's about the work, not some ethereal talent I can't quite put my finger on.

Here's the post if you're interested:

Writing and the Craft of Sushi Making

After deciding not to re-post something I'd already published elsewhere (lazy, much?) I realized that what I really wanted to write about was the fact that my debut novel, MISTRESS OF FORTUNE, has been nominated for an award. Yessiree, attendees to the 2015 Left Coast Crime conference decided that MISTRESS OF FORTUNE should be considered for the Rosebud Award for Best First Novel.

And it feels fucking fantastic.

Considering my fellow nominees in the category (THE BLACK HOUR by Lori Rader-Day, KILMOON by Lisa Alber, ICE SHEAR by M.P. Cooley, and THE LIFE WE BURY by Allen Eskens) it is indeed an honor just to be nominated. But regardless of whether I win the award, I'm just so proud of MISTRESS OF FORTUNE. I don't often feel fully confident in who I am or what I do, but I know it's a damned good book and I'm thankful for the recognition.

There. If I'd just have written about this in the first place I could've spared myself an afternoon of irritation as I fumbled with possible post topics. The real purpose of this post, I think, is to remind myself that it's okay to admit publicly that I'm proud of my work and even to toot my own horn on occasion. Or wait--doesn't that cause blindness?

Something like that.

Whatever. I suddenly have a hankering to re-watch "Citizen Kane" so with that, I'll see you next week.

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