Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Conferences and Festivals

Last week I had a great time at the International Festival of Authors in Toronto. I saw Linwood Barclay interview James Ellroy. Ellroy was Ellroy, of course, but Linwood did a great job of bringing out his humour. After going on a bit about how much he loved Beethoven, Ellroy said, “You look like Beethoven,” and Linwood said, “I get that all the time.”
I was thrilled to be invited on to the crime fiction panel along with Peter Robinson and Michael Robotham. We had a nice crowd and a great moderator in James Grainger so the questions were lively.

Next week I’m taking part in something called the Wild Writers Literary Festival in Waterloo, Ontario and then it’s off to Long Beach for Bouchercon.

My panel at Bouchercon is Saturday morning at 11:30 in Regency C and it’s called, “We’ve Got Grit.” The other panelists are Graham Brown, Charles Salzberg, David Stout, and David Swinson and the moderator is Diane Vallere so that looks great.

I’m also taking part in Noir at the (breakfast) Bar Friday morning at 9:00 in Harbor A.

As usual there are a lot of panels I’m looking forward to. If you’re going to Bouchercon, what panels are you looking forward to?


Les Edgerton said...

Hi John,
I'm tickled pink that I get to read with you at the Noir@Bar. We're gonna have us some fun!

John McFetridge said...

Yes, Les, I'm really looking forward to it, too. Great way to start the day.