Monday, July 21, 2014

Noir women

A few years ago Neil Krug's exercise in using expired film stock took the pulp/noir blogosphere by storm. People couldn't stop talking about these images that looked like they were from some long lost 70's film.

As much as I love words I also love images. Over at The Cold Blooded Sausage Maker (my tumblr devoted to images and pictures) I began to take note of other evocative pictures of women whose story I wanted to know more of. Sometimes it is the situation, sometimes it is a look in their eye, or an enigmatic smirk. Whatever it is in each picture there is something interesting that has been captured.

The following three images are among my favorites and, for me, are as classic as the Krug image. Moreso because they are not staged.

Here are some others.

These pictures all capture stories that I want to know more about. 

How about it? What do these pictures say to you? Do you find them interesting? Any other evocative pictures I should know about?

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Kristi said...

Wow. If there is one thing I love nearly as much as a good book, it's a good photograph! Thanks for sharing!