Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Writing New Year’s Day

Scott D. Parker

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the concept of the “Writing New Year.” I wrote how, on 1 May 2013, I made the decision to start writing again. This time, in earnest. What I ended up with with a second “New Year’s Day.” It’s my writing “New Year’s Day.”

I’ve thought about it in the days since then and I’ve come to the conclusion that having a day that you Start Writing* is important. It’s a starting point, a bright line in the sand. I do have an older one: July 27, 2005. That was the day I started working on my first novel. I think you can do the math and realize I fumbled for eight (man! I hate writing that number) years. I don’t count that first one since I didn’t follow it up with anything of substance. What’s fun about that first novel is the comp book I used to keep track of everything I experienced writing that first book: my research, my trials, my triumphs. I return to it every now and then just to relive the experience.

In the sixteen days since 1 May 2014, I’ve been able to look back on the year and see the highs and lows. Having that day, separate from anything else--it’s not my birthday or Christmas or Arbor Day or the actual New Year’s Day--makes it a unique day in my life, a day by which I can measure my progress and see what I can do better.

A Creative New Year’s Day is also a way to celebrate a year’s worth of work. Do y’all have one?

*I use the phrase “Start Writing” but you can substitute anything you’d like to do or learn.

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