Tuesday, May 20, 2014

National Post Afterword

Bit of a cop-out this week, I’m just going to link to a column I wrote for the National Post newspaper in Canada today:


The National Post has a very good arts section and publishes quite a few book reviews. The crime novels are reviewed by the terrific Sarah Weinman and they also have a feature they call “Guest Editor” which is what I’m doing this week.


Dana King said...

And so it begins. Whirlwind tours, champagne book signings, autographing women's breasts. Those of us who read this almost blog post today will be able to say we were there when it happened.

John McFetridge said...

Dana, last week at Noir @ the Bar Toronto I was one of the many opening acts for Hilary Davidson and Owen Laukannen - both of them in the middle of international book tours. I tell myself that's not really for me, all the travelling and staying in hotels and big crowds at bookstores, I'm really a homebody...