Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to get rid of a dead body

So here's what I asked:

What tips do you have for disposing of a body? A dead one, preferably.
I mean, if it weren't dead, step one would be "kill person." So let's just go with disposing of a dead body. I think dismembering it is key, as is speeding up the decomposition. If you're trying to protect yourself from detection/prosecution, you either want to remove anything that could be a "clue" or plant clues that would lead elsewhere. 

I'm thinking you'd want to disassemble the jaw, making sure to crack all the teeth in order to prevent identification. 

You'd want to peel off the skin of fingertips, too. What else? Is burning the body a rookie move?

Acid? Not too popular. Sinking the body? Yes and no. Mushrooms?

Here. Check for yourself. I've made the post public:

How to get rid of a dead body

Popular suggestion: Reading DEAD PIG COLLECTOR from Warren Ellis.

Of course, wood chippers and soylent green are favorites, too. 

I'm still considering lye vs acid, too.

And if you're going to transport the body, put down some tarp. Do it!


Kristi said...

Nice! The night cops reporter at the daily I just started working at took me on a tour and along with the best Asian food places in the city, I learned the best places to dump a body!

jack welling said...

There is hiding a body through disguise and disfigurement as you suggest, and there is disposing of a body in such a way for it to be inconsequential.

There was in a rural county where I grew up a practice of placing an additional body in a gravesite when "Back Hoe Joe" closed the grave.

No one found out.