Monday, March 10, 2014

Tools for readers - do you use them?

I'm interested to know if you use any tools as a reader. And if so, what they are. Let me explain.

  • I check Netgalley once a week. 
  • I keep a robust wishlist on Amazon, which I check once a day using the "items with price drops" filter to see if there are any deals I should jump on. 
  • I use Librarything to catalog most of my books and track what I read. 
  • I use Author Alerts to keep track of favorite authors. 
  • I subscribe to eBookSoda for daily freebie alerts. 
  • I use ereaderIQ to track my wishlist for price drops and freebies.
 Do I take all of this too seriously? How about you? Any other good tools out there?


Kristopher said...

Not to add to your "addiction" Brian, but I would also suggest Edelweiss as a resource for checking out upcoming books.

Mainly geared for librarians, many bloggers like myself use this source to find out what is coming down the pipeline (and to request ARCs).

I do many of the same things as you, but have never checked my wishlist against price drops. How brilliant. Gotta run, off to check my wishlist. ;)

Dana King said...

Nada. I use Facebook and author blogs for recommendations, and keep up with my favorites. I currently have about 90 books backed up on my TBR list and have made peace with the fact I cannot read everything I might like. It's frustrating, but at least now fewer authors I want to keep up with fall through the cracks.