Monday, February 10, 2014

Getaway Face

The Parker novels never really fade away in popularity, though the past couple years have seen a bit of what appears to be an uptick for them.

Check out Benoit Lelievre's excellent review of THE MAN WITH THE GETAWAY FACE.

When the bandages came off, Parker looked in the mirror at a strange. He nodded to the stranger and looked beyond at the reflection of Dr. Adler. 

Parker had been at the sanitarium a little over four weeks now. He had come with a face that the New York syndicate wanted to put a bullet in, and now he was going back out with a face that meant nothing to anyone.

The mysterious Parker paid a visit to a plastic surgeon at the end of THE HUNTER, because there was somewhat of an Outfit bounty on his head. THE MAN WITH THE GETAWAY FACE picks up a couple of weeks after the surgery as the bandages are coming off. Parker is low on cash, so he accepts a job from Skimm, an old acquaintance who found a way to contact him at the sanitarium. 

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