Saturday, October 5, 2013

Stats and a Story

Scott D. Parker

I had hoped to celebrate the end of my second book this year, but it's not quite done. Perhaps next week. Another month in the books, another month of writing statistics to share.

Here are September's numbers:
  • Minimum threshold: 30,000 (1,000/day for 30 days)
  • Total words: 50,134
  • Difference: 20,134 words above the minimum
  • Average: 1,671/day 
  • Best day: 3,620 (27 Sept)
  • Worst: 1,017 (25 Sept)
  • Items worked on: Chapter 21-37 of Book 2; completed short story for anthology.
  • Number of consecutive days writing: 130 day (since Memorial Day)
  • Milestone: passed 200,000 words for the year on 20 September.
The only thing of note for September is the shift from morning writing to night writing. It's not a deal breaker, but there were a few days in which I was dog tired and reaching the 1,000-word mark was difficult. Second downside is when tiredness wins out over continual when you're at a good part and want to keep writing but can't.

Most challenging writing: last weekend. I chaperoned a bus full of church kids. I brought my iPad and Bluetooth keyboard and, amid the cacophony of cat calls and loudness, managed to get over 4,000 words done. When I looked up from the iPad as we rolled into the church parking lot, I was amazed at the output. Guess I can write anywhere. Next challenge: rock concert!  

The Story

Earlier this week, David Cranmer, of Beat to a Pulp fame, asked if I had anything in drawer that he could post on his site this week. One of the obvious side effects of a  non-writing slump is the lack of completed tales in a drawer. I said I had one little thing I wrote a few years ago and used as an origin of sorts to my Houston police office character. I offered it up to him and he accepted it. The story, "The Power Behind the Name," is now live at Beat to a Pulp:

Thanks, David.


David Cranmer said...

AND Scott D. Parker of BEAT to a PULP fame. I've seen you around the office for nearly four years now. But thanks for the last minute help, friend.

Terry W. Ervin II said...

Sounds like solid progress, even if not at the full rate of words desired.