Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Read eBooks While Loving Indies

By Steve Weddle

My local indie in Richmond -- Fountain Bookstore -- hosts all the great book readings and launches. I've seen Brad Parks there a few times, as well as Kent Wascom, Jeff Vandermeer, John Milliken Thompson, and more. And it's across the street from an Irish pub. It doesn't get much better.

In fact, we plan to launch my own COUNTRY HARDBALL at Fountain Bookstore on Wednesday night, November 20.

While I'm always buying the hardback when I go a reading and whenever else I can make it downtown, I still love reading on my Kindle Fire or the K3 or my phone or iPad or whatever. Well, imagine my surprise when I realized I could buy books from Fountain for my Kindle Fire.

IndieBound has info here.

The info for Fountain is here, and you can find your own local indie and go from there.

I now have the Kobo reader app on every device I can put it on. Phones. Tablets. Kindle Fire. I don't even have a Kobo reader, for goodness sake. I've got epub files floating around everywhere.

So, those of you saying how you love indies, but would rather read eBooks than drop $28 for a hardback, come on. Plenty of room for you at the Kobo store.

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