Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Sean Duffy Novels


A few years ago I wrote some book reviews for the Toronto Star newspaper. I figured I liked it when my books were reviewed and I wanted to ‘give back’ as they say (and I got paid).

But I discovered I’m a terrible book reviewer. I only wanted to review books I really liked and I only wanted to write positive reviews. I figure there are enough negative reviews at Amazon and GoodReads and other places online and sure, they serve a purpose and all that, but writing them is just not for me.

Which brings me to Adrian McKinty’s “Sean Duffy novels.” Or the “Troubles Trilogy,” as it’s sometimes known. These books are terrific. If I was still writing reviews for the Star they’d be raves, Luckily Jack Batten has reviewed the books very positively (if too briefly) for the Star.

So, I’m not going to try and write a review, I’m just going to say the first two books in the series are terrific and my sources tell me the third is on its way and it will be every bit as good.


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Dana King said...

I used to write a lot of reviews, and have pretty much stopped, except for the same exceptions you noted. I reviewed both Duffy novels; they are easily two of the top five books I've read this year.