Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ebook Sharing Services and Some Weirdness

By Steve Weddle

Back when we started this blog in 1937, we promised we'd entertain and inform by peeling back the scab of crime writing and showing you the bloody bits underneath. Something like that.

I've been working on edits for COUNTRY HARDBALL (Tyrus, Nov 13) the past week. You can pre-order it from links here and read about it in an interview I just did with Tyrus Books here.

I've found most of the edits to be just fine. Some past vs. past perfect tense stuff. A name I screwed up. That sort of thing. But then there's this one spot where an editor essentially asks, "Why would he do X when he did Y on pg 47?" And, reading through, my response is, "Shit. He did? Lemme look." Then I read it and I'm thinking, "Well, crap. Yeah. What the hell was I thinking." It's a minor thing, really. (I don't want to get into too many details, because if you find out that the three students in the book eventually defeat the dark lord by learning to love the vampire and the werewolf both, then you'll feel as if I've spoiled it for you. When, in fact, that entire 300-page opening is just a dream in the mind of the symbologist who is very handsome and wears turtlenecks.)

So, you know, that's kinda weird. You write this thing and then you write other things and time moves on and someone picks out this one little thing from the eight million words you've written in the last couple years and you're like, yeah, um, I dunno.

Anyway, that's weird. Maybe you've experienced it as well.

Oh, and you can add the book on Goodreads.


I was reading this interview with Barry Eisler and he's talking about these two book services.

One will alert you to cheap and free ebooks -- BookBub -- and one -- Ebook Booster -- will share your ebook with many of these types of services.

He said he'd found them useful for promoting his books. I figured I'd pass them along to you in case you wanted to sign up for cheap ebook alerts or use them for advertising your own On Sale ebooks. Hope it helps.


Oh, and if you're on NetGalley as a reviewer, go check out THE BIG REAP, just up from Chris F. Holm.


Ricky Bush said...

Yeah, with me, it matters not how many times I've read my manuscript, there's always another doofus error popping up that I didn't catch. Went through three rounds of edits with my last book and then proofing the galleys. And. lo and behold, a character who appeared throughout the book had a different last name in the final chapter. Neither me nor my editor caught it, but my brother did after reading the book. Since it's PoD, we were able to correct the mistake on subsequent book order. Family and friends got copies of the collector's edition with the error.

J.A. Kazimer said...

Congrats on the upcoming release with Tyrus.

No matter how many times I've read a manuscript, I always forget the story and those pesky things within three months. So when the editor comes back with a question, I have to reread the whole damn book to figure out WTF I was thinking, which, the answer usually is, I wasn't.