Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Rounding Up

Authors Behaving Badly:
A book review on Goodreads has led the book's author to respond thusly ->
You did not read the book. If you did you would not writing your nonsense. Everyone agrees with me that perhaps you should seek medical attention. Your remarks were so off base and the damage they cause, are sinful. Please honey get some help. I notice your other reviews and many authors that you gave two and one stars review too did not deserve it and in my mind was criminal. Now with your rebuttal proves my point. The book is a work of art and will stand for all time. The Author William Terry Rutherford 
via Luca Veste

Songs About Dead People from Stephen Blackmoore author of DEAD THINGS

Warren Ellis talking about GUN MACHINE

What to expect when you're expecting . . . to be be published

DEAD LETTERS from Chris F. Holm is getting some nice reviewing

Hilary Davidson's THE NEXT ONE TO FALL is available in paperback as of today

Faced with money problems, crime fiction author has to sell some of her homes, plus her Bentley and Ferrari

Macmillan is settling for $20 million in price-fixing case. Macmillan joins other publishers in settling, none admitting any doing of wrongs.

Crimefactory 12 is out and looks lovely

Catch up on your reading with the FIVE YOU CAN'T MISS series

Not entirely sure what this is, but it appears to be something about writing and agents answering questions

Write fan fic

Dave White is not here. He has moved his blogging duties to basketball

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