Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inferno: The Marketing Hyperbole

Dan Brown's new book is coming.

The TITLE OF THE THING has already become a thing.

Fans across the world used their social media accounts to unlock a secret image on TODAY.com containing the name of Brown's next book. Through Facebook and tweeting the hashtag #DanBrownTODAY, viewers helped fill in a live mosaic that slowly revealed the book’s cover. 

Crack the code: Inferno

Read about the code: Flood UK

So that's what is happening. A big publicity push to UNLOCK THE PUZZLE. Turns out the puzzle is the title of the book. And you "unlock" it by giving the publisher and author some free publicity.

Interesting times, folks.

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Jay Stringer said...

The only thing worth caring about today is THE RETURN OF THE REPLACEMENTS